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Visually-Impaired and Disabled will be Groomed Via Special Trainings to Compete with National-International Players

Visually-impairedand disabled dedicated sportsperson will now be able to reach to the peaks byenhancing their talents as they may get the advantage of having a coaching fromthe experienced government coaches. After noticing the trouble of the blindathletes in National Blind Athletic Meet, a decision had been taken by PunjabSports Department to open a special coaching centre in the multi-purpose hallof the Guru Nanak Stadium where the blind athletes will be able to accomplishtheir desires in the sports arena.

Surjit Singh (Deputy Director of Punjab SportsDepartment) said:"The state sports minister has given a direction to alldistrict sports officers to make proper measures for blind as well paraathletes to start a special training centre in all districts of Punjab and alsohave asked to regularly monitor these training centres to ensure that results carriedout. In this new centre, well-trained government trainers would be responsiblefor giving an outstanding training to blind or para athletes. The goal is tomake them proficient sportspersons so that they are groomed and ready tocompete with national and international players."

District Sports Officer Kartar Singh Sahmbay said– “The centre for Ludhiana would be opened in Guru Nanak Stadium. Ravi(Incharge of Vocational Rehabilitation Training Centre, Haibowal) said – “Itwill be a great opportunity for blind and disabled athletes as there are somany ambitious sportspersons in our centre who want to perform sportsactivities professionally.”

Nazia, a local visually impaired athlete whosecured 17 medals in many of the previous national blind meets and wants tobecome an international player, said -"I will soon join this trainingcentre as government coaches are well trained, and they provide us the moderntechniques to compete with other state players. It's really worthy and contenderslike me would seriously get huge advantage from this verdict."

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