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Make in India possible; but not without boost from govt, say garment machinery manufacturers at GMMSA Expo INDIA 2017

LUDHIANA: The 2nd day of GMMSA Expo INDIA 2017, turned out to be a huge crowd puller as visitors made their presence felt at the exhibition. The exhibition, which is organised by Garments Machinery Manufacturers& Suppliers Association (GMMSA) (Regd.) at Dana Mandi, Bahadurke Road in Ludhiana from 17th February to 20th February, is in its second year.

Among the vast array of Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese and European machines that are on display, the Make in India ideal stands out among its contemporaries. Manufacturers have made it a point to display their indigenously manufactured machines at the exhibition. This comes as a heartening move for India to become independent of foreign products. From knitting machines, to mini boilers to packaging machines; one could see Indian products standing proudly alongside foreign ones. Many local manufacturers say that while it is cheaper to manufacture machines locally, there are some parts of the machines that need to be imported from countries like China. 


Mr. Parmesh Wassist of Ramana International Pvt Ltd who has an Indian made knitting machine on display revealed,"60% of this knitting machine is made of components made in India, while we have had to import some parts and software from other countries. While this has cut the cost of the machine by more than 20% it could have been cheaper if the parts were manufactured in India or if the import duty on it's components was reduced. Technology is always growing and becoming better and that is why the industry needs a boost in order manufacture machines of the same capacity and efficiency as that of China and Germany."


Mr. Rajesh Krishan - CEO of Paradise Engineering Corporation said, "We have introduced computerised flatbed knitting machines this time under brand Xing-Fu. The knitting machine works at high speed of over 100 and is very cost efficient resulting in better productivity. Our packaging and finishing machines have also received tremendous response from the visitors and industry at large."

Mr. Gurdev Singh of Elex International said, "We manufacture power flats and semi jacquard machines in Ludhiana itself since we manufacture the components of these machines ourselves. But with the ever growing technology, we need to compete with other countries as well and we can do this only with support of government. The industry will only grow when Indians patronise machines in their own country."


Mr. Rajesh Sharma of Knit Plus said,"We have reconditioned German machines on display here. I have been working with the German company for 22 years and it had been found that German machines are very sturdy and last really long. The machine that we have on display are reconditioned and are still working very well. There is a significant market for second hand machines because these machines are cheaper and have stood the test of time."

Mr. Rajiv Namchahil of Vrims International Inc said, "While Indian machines may have a long way to go before they are able to compete in the market, Chinese and Taiwanese companies have made their presence felt though their agents in India. The market is all about  cost efficiency and the machines we have on display here promise just that. We have high speed machines that run at the speed of 120 that increase production by 30%."

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