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Odisha: Man cuts testicles, offers to lord Shiva

Odisha: In a bizarre incident, a man in Odisha chopped off his testicles as an offering to Lord Shiva’s carrier Nandi (bull) — apparently to get rid of his epileptic condition

Reports from Jagananath Prasad in Ganjam district on Sunday claimed that 40-year-old Natabar Naik from Alasu village was on Friday evening found unconscious in a pool of blood inside a shrine in the village.

Naik was spotted praying at the temple by a priest and a gardener. They said he had been praying since  Thursday night. The priest locked the temple’s doors after rituals but Naik continued to stay on.

After the priest returned on Friday, Naik was found bleeding and unconscious. The priest immediately informed the temple’s management and officials. One of the members of the trust informed the local police who rushed the profusely-bleeding Naik to a hospital nearby. He has not regained consciousness.

“We are waiting for Natabar Naik’s full recovery to record statements. As of now, we don’t know much about the incident. We can take statements only after he recuperates from the injury. Further investigation is on,” inspector Chitta Ranjan Behera said.

According to reports coming in, Naik has been suffering from severe epilepsy for years.

Sources told the press that he had become fed up of failing treatment and many claimed the condition was in fact responsible for the self mutilation.

There has been no official statement from the hospital’s doctors. Police has also recovered a blood-stained knife from the temple.

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