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Police claim to recover `2.23 crore unaccounted money, drugs

Ludhiana: Police claimed to have recovered 2.23 crore unaccounted money and heaps of drugs after elections were announced in state.

Police have recovered different drugs and unaccounted money at different check posts which was installed after the directions of Police Commissioner Jartinder Singh Aulakh. However, several proclaimed offenders were arrested in past days.

According to police officials, Rs. 2,24,13.292 unaccounted money was recovered, 38 kg 985 gm Ganja, Heroin 416 gm, Opium 3kg 800gm, Poppy Husk 93kg, intoxicant powder 577gm, capsules 780, illegal alcohol 25829 bottles, gold worth of 16 kg 263gm, silver worth of 70gm, illegal weapons 315 bore pistol.

While providing the information, police officials of Ludhiana claimed that a total of 14,268 are registered licensed weapons but there are 17243 weapons. However, out of this, 16,728 weapons were submitted to various police stations and gun houses. On this basis, court have released non-bailable warrant against the violators.

Apart from this, police have recovered 20 rifles of 315 bore during a check post which was installed on January 19 under the police commissionerate area.

However, police have nabbed the rifles after following the suspect. However, these rifles were coming from Mohali airport to Kharar gun house without any security. Though, police have given the concerned rilfes to their owners.

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