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School colleges making fake promises: Parents

Saying the unsaid

During admissions in the Universities, Colleges and Schools, it is usually found that the authorities usually make promises with the parents and students regarding the responsibility matters. Specially the hostel authorities makes many commitments that the students will be given best services like home but with the time passes, it is commonly seen that the hostellers do not even get the basic facilities most of the time. Neither the students get any homely environment to adjust them easily.

Apart from the basic facilities, recently it was found that students, both the day scholars and the hostellers used to ill treated by the college authorities. They were even being given corporal punishments during their lectures. Moreover, few days ago, a hosteller attempted suicide because the college authorities misbehaved with her and gave her stuck off letter also. After the matter come in front of people, all the college students started protesting against college authorities.

During the protest, so many matters come out like, students and the teachers were not even allowed to take maternity leave. One of the students on requesting anonymity claimed, “Last month, my real brother passed away and i took 5 days leave. On the 4thday, the college authorities sent stuck off letter to her home. While having a word with the HOD, she said “Birth and death are a part of life but we cannot go against the college rule and you have to be regular in any case.” These words made me fell so shocked and felt like some humans don’t even have sentiments.”

A teacher on requesting anonymity revealed, “Last year, when i needed maternity leave for 2 months, the college authority rejected my leave and said 2 months are more than enough and there is no need to take rest for so long. The teachers, despite of being lady, were showing such rude attitude which is totally unfair.” Such statements show the cruel

behaviour of the college authorities towards others which is totally biased. The students also claimed that the staff members are never polite while dealing with their parents. Moreover, some teachers even use abusive language behind them, which is not tolerable. If the teachers are like this, then what will they teach the students. The word “Kalyug” is perfect in this matter, as the teachers are playing the role of “Villains” instead of “Heroes.”

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