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Two cases of cheating registered from rural areas

Ludhiana: Officials at local level in District Education Department seemed to be enjoying more comfortable zone as State Education Department took required measures to control the menace of cheating case during whole examination period of secondary exams. Major role was played by the software which was especially installed in all examination centers to verify the duty of observers who were appointed by the state education department.

During interaction with Sarabjit Singh, District Education Officer DEO (Secondary) stated that only two cases of cheating have been registered in senior secondary exams and the number is has improved as compared to 2016. Main reason behind this downfall of number is installation of software which helps in verifying the observers who got deputed by the state education department. Strict instructions were also given to all observers before the start of exams.

While answering on the cases found in urban area, Singh claimed that no case of cheating has been found in urban area of district as both of them were found in rural area. First case of cheating has come forward from Jagraon Tehsil and other one from Payal Teshsil and stern actions will be taken against all guilty students so that others could learn a lesson in future.

One of the observers on requesting anonymity said to Daily Post Team that this is for the first time when the level of strictness has gone beyond our thinking and software plays an important role in between all as its observes the observers deputed by state department. He further stated that officials at high level were not listening to any excuses this time. Seminar and lectures were also given to all the observers before going to join their duty in Board exams. “I personally think that code of conduct is also playing another major rule in increasing the level of strictness because some of the observers took the help of political influence to transfer their duties”, he added.

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