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Escaping to the cool spots

Heavy mist or monsoon, there are people who refuse to huddle up inside their overcoats; they go out in the open and feel the chill on their spine. This icy cool Christmas and New Year don’t make a dent in their resolve either. Snow-kissed mountain tops are the preferred destinations for those with wanderlust to escape the maddening city life and enjoy some cool time on the eve of another Christmas and before beginning a new year. Let’s take a stock of the travel plans in the cities.

The starry get-away of the past year has no second option than Meesapulimala. Redrawlife is backpacking from Kochi to Munnar hilltops on Christmas eve for a two-day bash. The plan includes a 21-km trek, a campfire on a chilly night and a night’s sleep inside the cosy tents in the wild. From Munnar to the base camp, travellers can enjoy an adventurous jeep drive. Those looking for a Wi-Fi free throwback period, it’s the right time to strike. In Thiruvananthapuram, the exclusive travel group for women, Appooppanthadi is touring to a misty hide-out in Chikmagalur for two days beginning on December 24. The land of coffee has been a favourite destination for the travel junkies who have been there very often. The journey beginning from the capital concludes in Mangalore. Then they check in to a hotel in Chikmagalur before setting out on an expedition.

Then there is the Paravur Bikers’ Club, the riders’ club with their love for the ghats. By pedalling to Munnar, they are welcoming a brand new year. The ride on New Year’s Eve covers a distance of 300 km between the source and the destination.

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