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How safe is solo trekking?

For avid trekkers, exploring the world on your own, without anyone’s help is a very exciting idea. But, at times, plans can misfire. Recently, in an unfortunate incident, 27-year-old Hyderabad-based trekker Rachita Gupta Kanodia was found dead near the Prabalgad Fort in Panvel, Maharastra. Whether you trek alone, with friends, or with a large group, there are eventualities you need to be prepared to deal with.

Jyothi Rongala, a solo traveller, explains, “It is very necessary to inform someone — either family member or friend about your plans if you are going on a solo trek. While getting trained for trekking or mountaineering, we are told to prepare a ‘Route and Description’ plan and share it with someone, so if you go missing they know where to start looking for you.” “Also, you must carry a first aid kit and know how to do the basic things. Sometimes, when we meet with an accident, we go blank and don’t know what to do next. Hence, it is good to carry the instructions on a sheet of paper, so you have a reference,” Jyothi adds.

Many trekkers get curious to go on trails which are not a part the original plan. Although it is okay to explore such trails while travelling in a group, one should not experiment too much while going alone. Also, one should know their strengths and weaknesses before undertaking a trek

Shraddha Bajaj, city-based trekker

Most trekkers prepare themselves before going on a trek, mentally and physically. One needs to know about the equipments they are going to need and carry them along. At the same time, you need to ensure that your backpack is very light. Make sure you eat before you start the day and have sufficient food and water with you. If you think you are lost and don’t know the way ahead, try to retrace your steps. Don’t venture further into the unknown

Tejaswini, Martial arts expert and solo traveller

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