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In search of fun treasures

As we arrive towards the last leg of 2016, city folk believe in bringing the year to a close with the right streak of adventure and throbbing excitement. Yes, young Bengalureans and tykes are all set to put their thinking caps on and stroll through the verdant laws on Cubbon Park –  In a bid to be a part of Sparrowz Cubbon Adventure – a weekly activity to discover the hidden treasures of Cubbon park. In a candid chat, a thrilled bunch tell us more...

“‘If you read you notice, if you play you remember!’ That’s the motto we believe in. The App wants to bring back the fun in discovering places and sights around ourselves. Treasure hunts on the app. Sparrowz Cubbon Adventure is a game to discover the hidden treasures of Cubbon park. Players will be challenged to notice the green spaces, sculptures and iconic buildings at Cubbon Park, that often go unnoticed,” shares Shruti Pillai, a digital content curator of the app. 

Open to individuals from the age groups of 6-60, the game is an attempt to bring back the play back into discovery. “As Bengalureans, we’ve always been overly concerned about the vibes of our city. So, we decided to conjure up a game which will egg anyone with a young heart to explore the city in a new light.”

It’s not surprising to see a major chunk of the city caught up in the daily grind. “This is our way of giving back to our people with an underlying message: it’s time to discover the Ooru you call home in a different light. It’s time to switch off digitally and pique your inquisitiveness pretty much before adulthood and e-wave took a toll on us,” opines Arvind Sivdas, one of the co-founders behind the initiative.

What’s more, young parents in town are relieved that such offline activities are gaining momentum, and believe they deserve a thumbs up from adults too. “Its about time an IT hub like ours encourages such activities. I enrolled my 10- year-old son and six-year- old daughter for the previous session and loved how they were thrilled! It took me back to my growing up days, when we used to play treasure hunts, before the tech-boom happened. Ideally, though I saw a larger turnout of kids at the last event, I feel young adults too should take part. Because, at the end of the day, getting out from that desk and engaging your mind and exercising your brain cells really helps boost productivity and tolerance levels - something all of us need!” opines Priya Lakhani, a young mother in the city.

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