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Helped US find Osama Bin Laden says Hussain Haqqani

Pakistan’s former US envoy Hussain Haqqani admitted to assisting US agents make their way in the country for Abbotabad operation to kill Osama Bin Laden.

The revelations were made in Mr Haqqani’s article published in the Washington Post. He said he not only aided the US intelligence agencies but also persuaded the then government to allow the agents to operate in Pakistan. According to Mr Haqqani, US agents arrived in Pakistan and paved way for Abbotabad operation. “Friends I made from the Obama campaign were able to ask, three years later, as National Security Council officials, for help in stationing US Special Operations and personnel in Pakistan. I brought the request directly to Pakistan’s civilian leaders, who approved.

He said the government wanted change in foreign policy and better relations with Afghanistan and India.

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